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Welcome to Northpoint

Document management + Typesetting

Global financial printing

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Welcome to Northpoint

we design perfection

Global financial printing

Our Services



A leading specialist in fast, accurate and completely secure typesetting

  • Printing

    Northpoint offers both digital and traditional lithographic printing services 7 days a week


    We have a wealth of experience in creating eye-catching documents

    Virtual Data Rooms

    No need to install any additional software - it really is just you using your PC skills

    Online editing

    Using our unique U-PROOF software you can maintain constant control of documents

    Distribution by Mail

    Complete document mailing service, data processing and barcode laser printing


    Investment Banks and Law firms

    We produce the all documents required for shareholder communications: IPOs, Information Memoranda, M&A documents, Rights Issues and Disposal circulars.


    We enjoy working with many fund administrators and managers, both within UK and offshore, producing and distributing shareholder documents.

    Annual and Interim Reports

    We work with many PLCs and design and distribute annual reports in both printed and online formats.

    Insurance and Reinsurance

    We offer insurance companies, reinsurers and underwriters unrivalled assistance with any documentation and printing required.

    OUR Work


    Outstanding service

    We offer superior customer service and quality, outstanding technology and competitive pricing.


    Our services are available 24 hours a day and we will always strive to work within your deadlines.


    We have in place processes which ensure that your confidentiality is never compromised.

    unique creativity

    Our creative ideas have contributed in making us a preferred supplier with leading organisations.

    How WE Work


    Northpoint has many years' experience in all aspects of financial and confidential typesetting, printing and document production. This includes PPMs, Prospectuses, M&A documents, cross-border transactions, annual reports, research reports and other shareholder communications - for both printed and online distribution. Our clients include FTSE250 and AIM companies, major investment banks, UK and international law firms, investment companies, Fund Managers and Insurance companies.

    For further advice on how we can assist with your documents please contact us here.

    We design perfection

    Small, perfectly formed, very friendly and meticulous with detail. We listen, we advise, we design, we edit, we produce. We understand that your document's design isn't just how it looks, but how it works. This is how we have built great relationships with our clients.


    Northpoint systematically examines information security risks, taking account of potential threats and their impacts. We have designed and implemented a clear, comprehensive system of information security controls and other forms of risk treatment to address those potential risks. We also maintain a thorough management process to ensure that the information security controls continue to meet our information security needs. Therefore once a document has been submitted to us it will be worked on exclusively at our offices in London EC3. Furthermore we will only ever transmit the document to your named individuals.

    We work globally

    Our services are available 24 hours a day and we have clients across the world - including the US, India, Canada and most European countries. Northpoint also offers full translation services for multi-language documents. We also enjoy excellent relationships with fund managers and investment banks in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. At the end of the day we go home - unless you need something turned around overnight, in which case we are always here for you.

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    Your easy to use online editing tool

    Our u-proof™ online typesetting and workflow system enables clients to collaborate remotely with all working party members on documents in an integrated and highly secure internet-based environment. You maintain constant control of your documents and all data is managed from a central location. There are many benefits in using the u-proof™ application for producing your document:

    Time Efficient

    significantly reduces your document's production lead time by speeding up the editing process


    manages most software, including Word, Excel, InDesign and QuarkXPress

    User Friendly

    simple to use navigation and editing tools to amend and style your document


    easily accessible wherever you happen to be working, even if it is overseas

    Cost Effective

    reduces your typesetting costs


    impressive environmental benefits as material and delivery consumption is greatly reduced











    We deliver visually attractive designs that communicate a clear message

    Northpoint can take care of your ongoing design needs, print and digital. We provide a total service from creative to production and output of digital and traditional print matirial. We don’t just consider the style of your designs, we assess and improve the substance too. Since our expertise is not confined to one discipline we are able to offer unbiased recommendations that work best for you.

    For further advice on how Northpoint can work with you to create eye-catching and effective designs please contact us here.


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    +44 (0)20 7283 4060/4353

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