Annual Reports

Typesetting and Design

We enjoy a long tradition of producing high quality, attractive annual reports for a great number of companies and funds and offer you some of the most highly experienced specialists in this area. As an added benefit we also offer you two alternatives in producing your Annual Report:

Where you have the luxury of a longer 'lead time' we offer a fully bespoke service - from initial client consultations, through design development, to typesetting and proofing and culminating in the finished product. The second option is to select a report style from 10 different designs.

We then flow your text and financials into the chosen design and provide you with a full colour PDF proof the very next day. If your advisers and auditors have completed their duties we could then be posting your annual report to shareholders the following day. Northpoint sees this second option as an invaluable service for smaller public and limited companies in particular, given the enormous potential save time and money.

Online Annual Reporting

We can produce your interactive, online Annual Reports using the latest software technology – guaranteeing that your report uploads quickly and effectively. Whether you have printed your Report and posted it to shareholders in the traditional method or you have opted to solely post your report online, Northpoint will handle all necessary processes. We can also convert your printed annual report in to compliant interactive HTML and place it on your website.

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