Investment Banking / Corporate Finance

Northpoint enjoys great working relationships with many investment banks, PLCs and law firms, assisting with their transactional documents and Shareholder communications.

We produce the complete range of documents required for shareholder communications: IPOs for full and AIM listings, Information Memoranda, M&A documents, Notices of General Meetings, Rights Issues, additional funding and Disposal circulars, as well as all ancillary Proxy forms, Letters and Application forms.

All members of our highly experienced staff are acutely aware of the importance of fast, accurate and highly secure typesetting: errors and delays can seriously affect the smooth running of these documents and their related transactions. Therefore in order to remove any possibility of errors we utilise the very latest typesetting and proofing technology. Furthermore all documents are worked on exclusively in our offices in London, EC3 and are never ‘farmed out’ to trade typesetters in the UK and overseas.

Specialists in:


• M&A

• Notice of Meeting

• Rights Issues

• Proxy Forms

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