Fund Administrators and Managers

We enjoy working with fund administrators and Managers, both within England and offshore. Although many of the documents required by funds are similar to those needed by both PLCs and investment banks we do appreciate there are also subtle differences in the documents' production, information requirements and distribution.

Personalised printing (variable data print) merges your fund's shareholder database information with our digital print technology, thus allowing you to streamline printed products to target particular individuals. Printing unique content on each page of a document is proven to deliver both greater impact and better response rates. This allows our clients to make best use of our personalised print facilities and we have invested in the software to produce personalised print products for both black only and colour documents.

The result is that documents can be now be customised and personalised in ways not previously possible. For example we can personalise anywhere in your document with, say, shareholders' personal allotments, total share value and address details – and this has proven particularly useful when printing an application form or provisional allotment letter (PAL). In addition we print barcode data where requested. We also provide fund managers with a full Annual Report and Interim Report service.

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"Thanks so much for all your work on our Prospectus and your amazing responsiveness – it's been a pleasure"

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