Hedge Funds

Northpoint Printing provides both printed and digital documents and monthly fund reports to both hedge fund managers and their Placement agents (capital introductory firms) in the UK, the US and the Middle East.

We understand the need for a very fast turnaround on these documents to ensure investors have the latest information at their disposal. Moreover we understand the need for 100% accuracy in the data being put into these documents – you have discerning investors, both in companies and individuals, and your reputation is vitally important.

Operating 24 hours a day Northpoint has the capability of accepting your data and text at any time and inputting it into your requested document with the highest levels of accuracy. Text and data is ‘compare-checked’ electronically so that our operators can react quickly should they spot a discrepancy. If there is any ambiguity you will be contacted immediately and forwarded a PDF to illustrate the section of text that requires confirmation.

With most hedge fund reports the quantity of documents required each month is rarely great so Northpoint will generally print these digitally. Printing in digital format gives you the added advantages of speed and flexibility ('print on demand'), saving valuable time and money.

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