Your easy to use online editing tool - all you need is internet access!

We understand that it is not always convenient to keep resubmitting your documents to us for amendment - you might not have the time to continually gather in comments from all other parties working on your transaction or report, some working party members might be overseas or you might want an explanation to accompany amendments others are making.

Our U-PROOF™ online typesetting and work-flow system enables clients to collaborate remotely on documents in an integrated and highly secure internet-based environment. You maintain constant control of your documents and all data is managed from a central location.

For further information about online editing and u-proof™ please contact:

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There are many benefits in using the U-PROOF™ application for producing your document:

  • significantly reduces your document's production lead time by speeding up the editing process
  • no requirement to install software and fonts or to undergo extensive training
  • simple to use navigation and editing tools to amend and style your document
  • easily accessible wherever you happen to be working, even if it is overseas
  • reduces your typesetting costs
  • impressive environmental benefits as material and delivery consumption is greatly reduced

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