Northpoint Printing is very aware of the importance of fast, accurate and completely secure typesetting; errors and delays can seriously affect the smooth running of financial documents and their related transactions. Therefore in order to remove any possibility of errors we utilise the very latest typesetting and proofing technology.

A great additional benefit of using Northpoint’s typesetters is that they can also work from your offices at time-critical moments, so that instant changes can be made for Board approval without the need for to-and-fro proofing. We connect directly to our server, assuring you of continued high security, and also maintaining a full audit trail for your records.


Northpoint systematically examines information security risks, taking account of potential threats and their impacts.

We have designed and implemented a clear, comprehensive system of information security controls and other forms of risk treatment to address those potential risks. Once a document has been submitted to us it will be worked on exclusively at our offices in London EC3. Furthermore we will only ever transmit the document to your named individuals.

We are a leading specialist in fast, accurate and completely secure typesetting

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