It’s Confidential information, so for your peace of mind….

Confidential Waste Destruction

At Northpoint we ensure confidentiality is never compromised. In our offices we have locked confidential waste storage boxes, into which all confidential print-outs, CDs and printed email communications are placed when they have served their purpose. The boxes are also used for disposing of all shareholder or investor information. Under the data Protection Act 1998 Northpoint disposes of this information securely and lawfully by secure shredding. Our agent is the City of London whom we decided had the most secure and sustainable confidential waste service and which is fully compliant with British Standard BS8470.

There is also a full audit trail for your peace of mind and, once shredded, all paper is sent for reprocessing and recycling in the UK, not overseas.

You may be interested to know that this shredded paper is then used to make office copier paper and toilet paper!

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Our customers expect the highest levels of security and confidentiality at all times.

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